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Do you need to find Houston TX best flooring for kids? Pet Floors of Texas has some fantastic options that you won’t be able to turn down.

If you are a parent, you know how kids can be. These bundles of joy can be messy. We all know kids spill things. Heck, we were kids once too, we know how it is.

Just because kids are messy doesn’t mean we can’t have nice things. At Pet Floors of Texas, our floors are great for anyone who has kids. We have options such as waterproof and scratch resistance.

Our floors are even easy to clean. So you won’t have to spend hours trying to keep your floors looking pristine.

We took the hard part out for you. With our floors, cleaning has never been easier. You will have more time to spend with your loved ones, whether they have two legs or four!

Houston TX Best Flooring for Kids

Our floors are great for kids and pets! Look for Houston, TX Best Flooring for Kids!

Houston TX Best Flooring for Kids

At Pet Floors of Texas, we know what it means to give our customers the best. We are not like other flooring companies.

Our types of flooring are meant for people who need something that looks amazing and will last a long time. Most people are busy with their full-time jobs on top of raising a family. Stop messing with carpet cleaning,

Natural stone or hardwood floors can cost a fortune. With our vinyl flooring, we can replicate the look of natural materials in laminate flooring. Whether it is in the living room or a child’s bedroom, we have flooring options for everyone! So check out Houston TX Best Flooring for Kids when you need Houston flooring!


When you are looking for floor coverings, what is it that you really need? Do you want something that looks great? How about easy to clean? Do you want something that is comfortable?

At Pet Floors of Texas, we have all of those. With options such as stain resistance, you won’t have to worry about trying to cover your floor with area rugs or strategically placed furniture. Our flooring materials are closed-cell, which means things like stains and unwanted odors won’t stay stuck on your floors.

These floors are also scratch-resistant and waterproof! You won’t have to look at ugly gouges made by your furry friends or risk mold and mildew growing unchecked in your floors again!

If your floors creak and crack as you walk, your wood flooring might be uneven. Over time, wood tends to warp. This causes bumps and ridges in your floor, making it feel funny, creating some creepy sounds throughout your house.

With our floors, you won’t have to worry about weird sounds or uncomfortable floors. We have what is called “floating floors.” This means that we have added a special kind of padding underneath vinyl planks. This padding helps make your floors feel unbelievably comfortable and dampens the sound as you walk across your house.

Houston TX Best Flooring for Kids

Our floating floors feel so comfortable; your pets will love it!


Along with our amazing features, our floors will also bring beauty and style to your home. Your home is as unique as you are. Your flooring should be any different.

When you look through our showroom, you get the chance to see full-size samples. We can offer so many options such as tiles, wood, and even cork flooring.

With our wood options, we have colors that will warm your home. Our Orbis color has a rich chocolate color. Our Argen selection is a beautiful dark shade that has a perfect blend of lights and darks. Experience the warm yet bright color of our Jatoba selection.

If you are looking for more stone or tile flooring, we have numerous selections. Our Carrara selection has beautiful lines that resemble natural marble. Our Grey Riven Slate is perfect for the bathroom. Don’t forget the elegant Midnight Black that will make any kitchen look sleek and complete.

Any Room Anywhere

No matter your taste, style, or room, we can help you find the perfect type of floor to complete a room. We can do any room you need; bedrooms, kitchens, hallways, and living rooms.

We don’t just stop at rooms; we can even do stairwells. Why does your stairwell or hallway have to look out of place? Keep everything looking consistent with your unique style. If there is a floor, we can do it.

Did you know we don’t just redo floors in people’s homes? We can redo your floor at your business or your office. Places such as restaurants and veterinarians have floors that see a lot of action.

These places need to be kept clean. So when you have floors that are easy to maintain and look great at the same time, it’s the perfect investment.

Get a Quote

When you call Pet Floors of Texas, you promise to give you the best customer service. Customer service doesn’t just start and stop at delivering great floors. It is the whole experience with us from start to finish.

When you call us for your consultation, we will come to your home or business and help you pick out the perfect style and design for your floors. We bring our showroom to you with full-size samples of what we offer. We will take the measurements of what you need. Then we will offer you a quote of what it will cost.

We don’t want our customers guessing and wondering what the end product will be. Our policy is always to believe in open and honest conversations with our customers. We don’t want there to be any surprises. You will know first hand exactly what you are getting, how long it could take, and how much everything will cost.

That way, you can work around your budget and not worry about whether you are emptying your bank account. Most of our flooring options come with a lifetime guarantee. So you won’t ever have to worry about your floors. Your home and investment is safe with us when you call your local Houston TX Best Flooring for Kids

Houston TX Best Flooring for Kids

Pet Floors of Texas has something for everyone!

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