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Pet Floors of Texas is the perfect Clear Lake Texas waterproof flooring business. We provide premium customer service and top-notch luxury vinyl tile. Waterproof flooring is essential to have when it comes to having a family and the continuous threat of flooding.

Flooring options are important for our customers, and we are happy to say we have a vast collection of designs. Each design fits in a particular style and provides the most benefits your money can buy. Other flooring types have so many drawbacks that it becomes a waste to invest in them. Luxury vinyl tile is the way to go when it comes to flooring options.

Clear Lake Texas Waterproof Flooring

Clear Lake Texas Waterproof Flooring

Why do I Need Waterproof Flooring?

Clear Lake Texas Waterproof flooring should be in everyone’s homes, but it also benefits those who live in high flood areas. Clear Lake, Texas, is very vulnerable to floods, so installing the right kind of flooring is important for your home. Standard tile floors, carpet, and hardwood flooring are not strong enough to withstand constant water interaction. They will quickly absorb the moisture and house bacteria over time.

Hardwood will begin to swell, buckle, and warp once it is exposed to too much water. This leads you to replace large portions of the flooring, which will cost you more money in the long run. Carpet is the worst type of flooring to have because of how easily it can be damaged. Simple everyday spills can have long-lasting effects on the carpet. These accidents can frequently happen for young families or pet owners.

Even standard vinyl floors or vinyl planks are very susceptible to moisture. Over time, these vinyl tiles or planks will begin to curl or fray at the edges. For planks, they are typically clicked together, so if one is damaged, then there is a good chance there are more damaged. This leads to more planks needing to be replaced, which leads to more money. Pet Floors of Texas wants to provide a better looking and cost-effective option to those in the Clear Lake area.

What is Luxury Vinyl Tile?

Luxury vinyl tile or LVT is a premium vinyl title that is stain resistant and waterproof. LVT provides numerous more benefits than any other kind of flooring. Pet Floors of Texas has numerous designs and styles to choose from that will fit in any household room. We have wood and stone style options that have a better look than normal vinyl tile. Luxury vinyl flooring is the go-to flooring when looking at the long-term solution.

Dog Proof Flooring

Dog Proof Flooring

Unlike other flooring options, LVT is waterproof and will not stain. This makes it a great option for high-flood areas or simply daily life. Accidents happen when raising a family or having a pet. Spills will be easy to clean up with this kind of flooring. The moisture will not soak into the material, making it last longer than any other kind of flooring. Furthermore, your pets won’t be leaving any claw marks behind. Our luxury vinyl is also scratch-resistant, so your furry friend won’t be causing any havoc.

Another great benefit of luxury vinyl tile is the lack of noise it creates when being stepped on. Hardwood flooring and even carpet have a constant plague of being noisy. Our luxury vinyl is developed with an extra cushion of padding. This extra padding absorbs your footsteps and your pets. Our gluing process also helps minimize noise to a level of almost zero. Quit worrying about waking up the family or dog when going to the bathroom in the middle of the night.

Endless Styles

The biggest benefit many take great advantage of is the number of styles our luxury vinyl has. Our LVT has several styles with handfuls of designs in each one. We have options for those looking to make a rustic or homespun look or even dive into the ancient world of Greece or Rome. We are sure we have a style for you. If we don’t, then we will work with our trusted manufacturer to create a brand new style.  Our trusted manufacturer, Karndean Designflooring, is exceptional at working with clients to make sure they have everything they want. You can find a list of our styles below, which all have numerous designs.

  • Classic
  • Cotemporary
  • Distressed
  • Heritage
  • Inlays
  • Old World

All of our styles have numerous designs to pick from. Classic primarily focuses on, well, classic looks like simple wood and stone. Contemporary is a great choice when creating a modern look in the household. Heritage is an excellent choice for a library, study, or office because of the sophisticated look it has. These styles and the rest are perfect for anyone looking to save money in the long run, but also impress their guests.

Pet Proof Flooring

Pet Proof Flooring

Clear Lake Texas Waterproof Flooring is Crucial

Pet Floors of Texas is dedicated to finding you the best style of luxury vinyl tile for your home. It provides so many benefits that it wouldn’t make sense for you to pass it up. Pet Floors of Texas is different from other businesses because we come to you instead of you having to leave your home.

We will bring you a large selection of the styles we offer. You will have the opportunity to touch and see the tile in your own home. This really helps homeowners decided what they really want in their home. We also want to make sure this process is as stressless as possible, so we will assist you in every step. There is no need to miss minor details. We will take care of you.

Get in Touch Today

Have you made up your mind yet? If we haven’t convinced you yet, then you are welcome to call at (713) 728-7630 or email us via our contact page. Moreover, feel free to visit us online for a quote. We will address any questions or concerns you may have. We want to make sure you are comfortable with the decision because it is something to think about. Clear Lake is a common flood place, so you would be helping yourself out in the long run. With that in mind, contact the best company for your Clear Lake Texas waterproof flooring.

Fun Facts about Clear Lake

  • Clear Lake is a 2,000-acre lake connected to Galveston Bay
  • Clear Lake is 1 of 4 cities that make up Houston’s bayside region
  • Clear Lake is the nation’s third-largest pleasure-boat basin and is a popular destination for fishing and water sports
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