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Do you seek for Cypress TX vinyl plank flooring company that is reliable; and offers high-quality luxury vinyl laminate flooring? Seek no more since Pet Floors of Texas has you covered. We offer the best vinyl floor tiles in Cypress, Texas. Give us a call at 713) 728-7630 to request a quote from us.

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If you are located within our Cypress location, feel free to visit us; and explore the plethora of vinyl floor options that we offer. Our Cypress office is open from Monday to Friday from ten in the morning to five in the afternoon.

We are close on Saturdays and Sundays. Worry not! If you need help on the weekends, we can help you out; give us a call and book your appointment with us, and we will take care of you on the weekend.

Also, you may send Pet Floors of Texas an email with your questions and concerns; about the products and services that we offer. One of our pet floor experts will get back to you as soon as possible; with well-informed solutions to your questions.

Cypress TX vinyl plank flooring

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Vinyl Floors and Pets

Do you own an adorable pet such as a dog, cat, bird, or rodent? Did you know that these animals can scratch and damage your floors? Take a look at your floors, are they struck and worn out?

Please do not blame your beloved furry friend; blame it on the quality of your floor. Indeed, worn-out floors look hideous and make your home look dull and bring down the value of it.

Thus, it would help if you considered installing new floors in your home to bring up the value of your home, in addition to making your home feel homier once again. Also, were you aware of the fact that our floors are scratch-resistant as well pet-friendly? 

So, you can stop worrying about your pet scratching your new floor and losing money; since our floors are made out of medical-grade plastics. Thus your pet’s claws won’t stand a chance against our sturdy and high-quality luxury plank floors.

If your pet has an accident on your old floors, you know that it can be a nightmare to get the odors and fecal matter off your old feet. Worry not! Our luxury vinyl floor tiles are coated with a particular coat that prevents odors, stains, and scratches from occurring. Thus, you and your dog can enjoy the satisfaction of having durable and easy to clean Cypress TX vinyl plank flooring in your home.

Our Luxury Vinyl Planks are Kid Proof!

If you have a child, you know that they are mischievous, energetic, and imaginative. Children spend a lot of time playing with toys and supplies that can damage and stain your floors.

Kids use glue, scissors, paint, legos, etc., to play, and those items can easily create a mess and scratch or stain your floors. Worry no more when your child drops a bucket of paint on our vinyl tiles; they will not spoil. This is because our tiles are coated with a separate layer that; prevents particles from penetrating and staining the vinyl.

Thus allow your child’s imagination to run wild, and worry not about the stains and damages your child can cause your floors.

We Bring the Showroom to you!

Do you need to shop for a new floor, but you can not leave your home? Worry not! We have the perfect solution for you. One of our floor experts will bring all of the vinyl floor products we offer straight into your home.

The small samples of vinyl floors help you envision your new home with much ease. You can see how the floor tile color goes with your couches and if it makes them stand out or not.

Cypress TX vinyl plank flooring

We bring the showroom to you!

In addition, you can analyze the texture of the planks to see if they meet your fancy. You can create the right atmosphere in your home for you to vibe out with friends, family, and pets. Allow us to help you complete your home’s aesthetic with our high-quality vinyl planks.

Vinyl Plank Styles

We offer wood and stone styles in different colors and textures. Thus if you need a specific color, texture, or brand, we have you covered. Do not be afraid to request a quote nor to bring the showroom to your home. Pet Floors of Texas wants to provide you with the correct floor to complete your home.

We can install luxury vinyl planks in your kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, attack, garage, etc. Thus if you have floor surfaces that need to be remodeled, give us a call. We got you! We offer the best Cypress TX vinyl plank flooring in your area. Give us a call and request your quote today.


Did you know that water gets trapped in your floors? As a result, mold and bacteria colonies can form in your old feet. In addition, mold is unhealthy for you to inhale. Decay can lead the severe respiratory conditions that can decrease your quality of life.

Cypress TX vinyl plank flooring

Pet Floors of Texas floors are waterproof and durable!

Our floors experts make sure to seal the luxury floors we install in your home; to avoid any water entering the cracks. As a result, no mold or bacteria can form and spread on your floors. Since our floors are waterproof, you can mop them with water and your favorite floor cleaner. In addition, our floors are easier to clean, and they remain cleaner for longer. Thus, you clean less and enjoy the cleaners of floors for longer. So you save time, which you can invest in learning a new hobby or treating yourself to a nice self-care day.

Cypress TX vinyl plank flooring

If your floors are worn out and make your home look unattractive, then it is time for you to give your floors a makeover. Worry not! We offer luxury vinyl planks to help your home look amazing once again! Call Pet Floors of Texas; and find out how we can bring the showroom to your home. You will have a lot of fun choosing your new; Cypress TX vinyl plank flooring with our experts.

Cypress TX Fun Facts:

  • Cypress TX got its name from a nearby creek.
  • The City is of Cypress, TX is considered a high-income area.
  • Cypress, TX is 27 miles away from Houston.
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